At Redrock Stables, we specialize in short- and long-term boarding

Long Term Boarding Options:

Full Care: choice of stall, pen or run - Please call for pricing!
- Choice of stall or outdoor pen/run with shed
- Choice of feed AM & PM (alfalfa pelllets, alfalfa-corn nutritional pellet, Purina Equine Senior, Purina Strategy, or feed of your choice)
- We feed your horse twice/day and clean stalls
- Choice of turnout on 8 acre pasture

- We administer any medication

- Your horse is checked on throughout the day

- We feed high quality native prairie grass hay

Self Care: $150/month:
- Self care boarding includes stall rental only. Feeding and providing all hay and grain, stall mucking, and turnout are up to the client.

Short Term Boarding Options:

Just in Oklahoma City for the weekend and showing at State Fair Park? Or traveling through the OKC area and need to stop for the night? Short-term boarding options include layups and layovers. Prices range from $20-40/night, depending on duration, trailer parking, and other services.